CREATIVE (one who displays productive originality) PRODUCER (in charge of financial, legal, tech & artistic apsects of a production) GIRL (single or married female of any age).

I certainly function as all three at any given part of my day, be it putting forth a political opinion or business concept that generally provokes ardent reaction and thought but usually ends up in action, expressing a notion outside of the norm, and the feminine perspective which is simultaneously heart and logic, in working towards solutions.

Certain that I was born of a spirit and partly shaped and influenced by a family of bankers, lawyers, writers, political, and entertainment professionals, I believe I was hard wired to be creative and with a passion to become a filmmaker and producer. Combine art and commerce and throw in a splash of politics with an anchor of being a practical humanitarian, and I hope the reader will at least ponder what I have to say of interest to me on any given day.


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